Throw a Spellbinding Party for Your Team

By booking a performance by Mr. and Mrs. Magic

Want to breathe some life into your next company party or corporate event?

When you hire Mr. and Mrs. Magic, you won’t be settling for a humdrum get-together! “Magical” Michael and “Terrific” Terri bring a dazzling array of performance elements to wow and delight any audience. Their act combines:

  • Illusions
  • Magic tricks
  • Comedy
  • Mind reading
  • Inspirational stories
  • Audience participation

3 reasons to choose Mr. and Mrs. Magic

  1. It’s fun. Why settle for the same old event combining music and social hour? Add a dash of mystery to your company party with live magic!
  2. It’s lively. Mr. and Mrs. Magic will involve audience members in their illusions and magic tricks.
  3. It’s clean. Don’t worry about your company’s reputation – Mr. and Mrs. Magic are proud of their clean, family-friendly performances.

Make your next corporate even one to remember! Call the Mr. and Mrs. Magic hotline at 763-553-7777to schedule your next party or event.