Meet Our Marvelous Performers!

Hire Mr. and Mrs. Magic to headline your special event

“Magical” Michael’s splendid career began at age seven, when he watched his pastor turn a black handkerchief into a white one. The pastor intended to communicate a message about sin and forgiveness – but “Magical” Michael was hooked immediately on the art of illusion!

In the years following, “Magical” Michael added countless tricks, comedic bits and motivational messages to his repertoire. In fact, his passion for magic led to a long-standing friendship with the internationally known David Copperfield.

Mr. Magic becomes Mr. and Mrs. Magic

In 2002, a lovely lady named “Terrific” Terri waved her magic wand, and – presto! – the Mr. Magic act transformed into the Mr. and Mrs. Magic show.

As a husband and wife duo, Mr. and Mrs. Magic pride themselves on their engaging, family-friendly performances. They combine elements such as:

  • Illusions
  • Full Stage Productions
  • Close-Up Magic
  • Wacky Comedy
  • Mind reading
  • Inspirational stories
  • Audience participation

Call the Mr. and Mrs. Magic hotline at 763-553-7777to add life to your next corporate event.