Get Ready for a Magically Good Time!

Book an amazing performance by Mr. and Mrs. Magic

Do you love fun, mystery, magic and comedy? Would you like to host a party that your guests will never forget?

Summon the hilarious, mesmerizing performers known as Mr. and Mrs. Magic to your next party or event, to serve as the featured entertainment! “Magical” Michael and “Terrific” Terri McKay are a husband and wife duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their performances combine illusion, magic, comedy, mind reading, shenanigans and inspirational stories. All of which has made their fun-for-all-ages show one of the Midwest’s hottest acts.

It’s the perfect show for any occasion

Mr. and Mrs. Magic will place your guests under a powerful spell! As veterans of over 3,000 performances and counting, their unique stage show is the perfect choice for your next:

  • Corporate event
  • Company party
  • High school event
  • Prom party

Live in a land that’s far, far away? No problem! Mr. and Mrs. Magic can perform anywhere in the country, from New York City, Los Angles, Dallas, Florida, Alaska, to Cancun and much more! They’ll hop aboard their magic carpet and fly directly to you!

It’s more than just laughter

The Mr. and Mrs. Magic stage show is about more than just jaw-dropping magic and hilarious good times. “Magical” Michael is an accomplished motivational speaker. Using a unique blend of storytelling and comedy, he inspires audiences to never give up on their dreams.

Curious to learn more about this enchanting act? Call the Mr. and Mrs. Magic hotline at 763-553-7777 to schedule your next special event.


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